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At the October 14, 2014 meeting of the ROC Forum Board of Directors, a vote was taken to merge our corporation into Florida Resident Owned Communities, Inc (FLAROC) at the end of this membership year. This is an important direction for our group, something that was a dream of the original founders of our organization. A statewide organization will provide a powerful presence in Tallahassee, voicing the concerns of thousands of senior residents of Florida cooperatives. Proxys were mailed to each community and individual member to vote on this important issue. A special meeting on September 21, at 10:30 am at Golden Gate (next to Wal Mart on US19) will be held for discussion and to wrap up the vote.

Resident-Owned Communities Forum

We are the not-for-profit corporation that provides the educational meeting place for board members, managers, and shareholders of resident owned, 55+ manufactured home communities, in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties.

Our monthly seminars are always educational, and provide opportunities for collaborating with professionals and other board member volunteers to exchange ideas to maintain our way of life, and explore all aspects of community living.

Statement of Purpose

 ROC  Forum will provide  professionals speaking on timely issues in the community association field, and also furnish  Round Table discussion opportunities. Meeting reports are furnished electronically to all members.

ROC Forum maintains a courtesy list of specialty manufactured home contractors and professionals.

ROC Forum maintains a liaison with FLAROC, the statewide organization that has provided the means for positive legislative changes to F.S.719, and also furnishes board member trainings with a certified presenter.

Our Board of Directors

Ed Mosakowski      President                      Ed@roc-forum.com

Dawn Simmons      Vice-President              Dawn@roc-forum.com

Sandy Ross            Treasurer                      Sandy@roc-forum.com

Bud Clinefelter       Recording Secretary  Bud@roc-forum.com

Pat Tompkins          Corresp. Secretary      Pat@roc-forum.com

Jim Paige                Asst. Treasurer            Jim@roc-forum.com

Neil Thomas            Director                        Neil@roc-forum.com

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